Born in Melbourne Australia, Patrick has been performing, recording, producing and teaching music all around the world for over ten years. Throughout his career, he has noticed that although learning an instrument is great, what is even better (and just as important), is playing that instrument with others.
‘You wouldn't learn the Spanish language to talk to yourself - lets have a conversation!’
Patrick's teaching philosophy is simple - 'lets have fun because that's what music should be!'
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The services Patrick offers are as follows:
   * Drum kit lessons for beginners & intermediate
   * Guitar lessons for beginners
   * A guide to song writing / construction
   * A warm and friendly environment to learn and share
   * Location conveniently near David Thompson Secondary School
   * A guarantee that you will be 'jamming' with Patrick in less than three lessons
   * A guarantee you will know what 'jamming' means in less than one lesson
   * Start up special - 25% off your first lesson
   * A skill that you will have and use for the rest of your life!
Instruments can be expensive so if you don't have one of your own, Patrick offers electric drum kits and acoustic guitars to rent on a weekly basis to get you rocking even faster!

(availability for renting instruments is limited)
If you're interested in letting out that inner Rock Star, contact Patrick now to take advantage of the Columbia Valley start up promotion!